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I WILL write….eventually

April 28, 2009

I’ve had little access to my own computer…hence the lack of writing.
Entries will eventually happen though.

Brief recap of the past few days:
Visited the central coast of California. Loved it. Green and cool and horsey and ranchy. Santa Margarita and Huasna were lovely small towns with cows and wild turkeys and deer. AND OPEN SPACE which is an entirely foreign concept in Southern California. I could quite happily live on one of those ranchettes nestled into an oak grove and on a five acre parcel.

Went to our town’s annual Cowboy Poetry Festival. It’s held at Melody Ranch which is the film studio where Deadwood was filmed. I’ve been on a Deadwood kick for the past few days so it was neat seeing it with that background. Saw an absolutely fantastic young country singer called Adrian? Adriana? Although some of the lyrics were a bit sappy and obviously written from a seventeen year old’s perspective of the world, she was a damn fine singer. I’ll be sure to link to her website some point soon.

I’m back in Colorado on May 8th!!! Expect lots of pictures and updates on training babies and fixing fences and wonderful Colorado ranch things.

Sorry for the rushed entry…..must be off to make some mango guacamole.

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  1. April 28, 2009 6:08 am

    California: it all depends on where, exactly. Makes me want to take spring pictures. Everything is blooming. Sounds fun. Ahem. Did you say FOOD? *knife and fork ready* (sounds yummy!)

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