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April 12, 2009

…actually comes in the form of a tack store. I really believe that losing yourself in a tack store is one of the best ways to achieve happiness, understanding, and enlightenment. Especially when you have no pressure to buy things you can’t afford. Just….peruse.

Went on somewhat of a tack store marathon yesterday in order to do some renegade advertising for the ranch. I haven’t been in a legitimate, proper tack store in too long. One with ENGLISH SADDLES and overpriced GPA helmets and polo wraps and bits all over the place. It was fantastic. As much as I love plaid and rhinestone and silver, I’ll always only be an English rider at heart…I just play with these western ponies. Being in tack stores makes me fall in love with horses all over again. So many fun toys.

Found the perfect Collegiate at our consignment tack store for $400 as well as a nice close contact cutback CROSBY for $350. I feel like I should buy at least one of these purely on principle since they are there, nice, inexpensive, and I have the money. But I don’t really NEED either one I guess. I have a crummy little Wintec that has performed admirably for many years. Now I feel like I have to justify……I sold my old saddle for $600. Wintec CCs were $400. They don’t look that bad. My horse was in training and has a hard to fit back that I knew would change with added muscle. Wintec has that changeable gullet system. And it’s a darn comfy saddle.

Speaking of feeling the need to buy things just because you can….am I the only one that feels that way about horses now? I started peering into the horse market probably in the mid 2000’s, when horses were not cheap. The saying here was ‘broke and not broken’. It didn’t matter if it looked like the unfortunate love child between a mountain lion and goat…..if it was serviceably sound and already trained, it went for a minimum of $3,500 just because it was a horse. A decent looking horse was min 5-8k and most horses were 10k+. Now with the economy bottoming out you can get a cute little hunter for less than $2,000. At auctions, horses are going for less than meat price. I saw a great little horse on dreamhorse the other day for $300! And it just so happens that I’m coming into my own money just when horses are starting to get affordable. It’s hard to resist when there are GOOD $1,000 horses and I have three times that in my savings. Anyone out there feel pressure to buy a horse because there are so many good, cheap horses out there right now? Especially with the looming threat that horse prices will eventually go back up?

Must resist.

Also, I forgot how much I love twilight here. Thanks to being hidden in the mountains, twilight on the ranch is a fairly brief affair. It’s light…then dark. Here, so close to the coast, that time of day lingers seemingly forever. It’s warm with a cool breeze, pinkish then purple then violet then blue.

ALSO….I have an informational interview/school tour/seminar sit in scheduled with the head of the Graduate English department. Squee! I’m going to round out my incredibly useful B.A in Communication with a M.A in English. My parents are thrilled.

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