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April 8, 2009

I don’t give my hometown enough credit. I’m sure my prior posts made it sound like a middle level of hell, but its really not that bad. In fact, days like today make it almost….lovable.

It’s a sunny breezy 58*, and a recent rain washed away the muck leaving a blue sky and green grass. Big fluffy clouds are everywhere. Birds are going crazy twittering outside. It has the smell of home….something like hot pavement and citrus?

What it would look like without the housing tracts

What it would look like without the housing tracts

I bought my mom a raspberry plant today. I love the nursery here. It smells like orange blossoms.

Still bodily tired from yesterday’s climbing. I love being tired. I love having my body be exhausted. It means that I did something. I like sleeping and eating in the way that my body deserves, not just because the clock on my computer or cell phone tells me its time to do so. It’s one of the reasons I like the ranch so much. Hard work is a natural part of my day…and it means that I get second helpings of spaghetti and a solid night’s rest.

Hmmmm……maybe I’ll up the ante on today and go shopping at some of the roadside fruit stands….

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