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Kinny’s First Day of School

March 29, 2009

I’m such an overprotective horse mom.

Tomorrow Kinetic moves into the big boy horse pasture! He’s wintered up on the ranch in a large paddock with some of the oldies so that we could keep an eye on him and make sure his delicate Thoroughbred constitution didn’t cause him to short circuit during the Colorado winter. He’s lost a bit of weight and looks like he’ll be thrilled for warm weather, but overall is looking good. This means he gets to go off to the horsey equivalent of middle school. Bigger school, bigger horses…..ahhhhhh.

I worry.

Probably too much.

What if he doesn’t make any friends?

What if the other horses bully him?

What if he bullies other horses and I have to deal with angry phone calls from parents?

What if he makes too many friends and gets carried away by his popularity and loses sight of his values?

What if he doesn’t eat enough?

What if he eats too much and gets a tummy ache?

What if he gets reckless and decides to prove to the other horses what a rebel he is by taking a spring fling down the highway?

What if he falls into the wrong group?

The pot smoking bad horses with attitude?

That wear their pants too low?

I don’t want him to go through what I went through in middle school.

I’m hoping he’s a lot more adjusted and far less socially awkward than I was.

Otherwise he’ll end up spending the next month or so writing bad angsty poetry and eating lunch next to the trashcan.

back-hom-and-dwr-extra-007^^ Kinetic on the right and his old best friend Marty.

And please don’t read the last post. It was self pitying and juvenile. I just needed to have me a bitch sesssion.

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