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BarnYard Fun

March 23, 2009

AKA Thing That Are SO Much Better Than TV

1) Watch Kinetic goose Uno Mas. Kinetic isn’t still entirely sure what Uno Mas is, and Uno Mas does not appreciated his rather intimate attempts to find out. When a horse nose collides with a chicken butt, it’s comic magic. Uno Mas, to her credit, is a good sport.

2)Try to find the perfect snowflake on Kinetic. We’re getting some heavy spring snow right now…huge, lazy, long lasting snowflakes that rest perfectly on winter horse hair.

3) Eat Uno Mas’s unborn offspring. I had written off Uno Mas as a layer. She seems perfectly content to lord over the horses scratch for dropped grain without having to go through the indignity of passing an egg. Just for kicks I checked her nest today and TWO eggs. She might not be a prolific layer, but she provided me with a tasty snack. Maybe she was just on a winter hiatus.

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  1. May 18, 2009 10:21 pm

    Sounds like farm life is an absolute adventure! I’ve been contemplating getting chickens for fresh eggs recently. I’m sure there’s nothing better than fresh eggs.

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