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Cheers to my gopher eating comrades

March 19, 2009

I love working on a dude ranch.
Aside from the job and the location, the people I get the opportunity to work with are amazing.

Most twenty somethings do not want to, or rather choose not to forsake a secure entry level job to spend time in the middle of nowhere with lots of animals, dirt, and barbed wire.

I was just reminiscing a bit and thinking how wonderful it is that this group of like minded individuals in the same age group (rare very rare) get to know each other quite well over the course of four months.

I love these people.

I love these wayward drifters, want more in lifers, honky tonk loving, country song singing, gun toting, gopher shooting, ok with 5am-ing?, college educated, plaid wearing, hard working, solitude appreciating, square dancing, charming smooth talking dude ranch working folk. It’s a rare breed.

Everyone dreams about playing cowboy and these are the people that did it.

I ramble.

It’s just rare that my joys, interests, and happy triggers are shared by other people my age. I usually have more in common with sixty year old women. So yay for the dude ranches that bring us all to a central location so we know that, yes, there are other well learned twenty somethings that will eat gopher stew.

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