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Quality Day

March 18, 2009

I think the world would be a better place if everyone’s day included tractors, cows, horses, mountains, fresh air, fresh baked bread, border collies, and shooting cans off a swingset with their BRAND NEW GUN!

That was my day yesterday and I hope that everyone could know the sort of happiness and fulfillment that I get from such simple things.

Started off the day playing around in the office. Once I got everything done I could that morning, I wandered back off to the kitchen to prep the bred dough that had been rising overnight. I had to wait two hours for it to rest, and rather than watch tv, I opted to go feed our range animals with Tyler. I learned that hanging out of a tractor while listening to the Eagles is probably one of favorite things in the world. People waved to the girl hanging out the tractor door, it was perfectly warm, the world was breezy, horses and fat mama cows were abundant and furry, and the smell of spring mud, hay, and tractor grease should most definitely be bottled. It’s times like that when I think that I really need to marry a rancher’s son in order to make sure that tractors and cows are a permanent part of my life.
It was great getting to see all the horses that I haven’t seen since September sometime. They all look a little rough thanks to being half shed out, but they seem fat and happy. My horse is going to FLIP when he finally gets released into a pasture where he can’t see the fence line. I’m excited.

Speaking of being excited about horsey things, I got to see the bebbies. Mean bebbies they are, chasing everyone off their hay pile, but damn cute. The roanish appy looking ones developed some manes and forelocks over the winter, and no longer have that unattractive surprised look they had before. And the paints filled out a bit. I’m freaking psyched to work them in earnest this summer. I’ve either green broke babies and turned them over or polished the rough gems, but I’ve never taken a horse from start to finish. I’m going to read read read all about starting horses while I’m in California and cross my fingers that I don’t end up ruining five horses. I’m also crazy excited to ride my horse again. He’s far more happy than I am about his winter retirement. My body is craving riding right now. 20 meter circles are in my genetic makeup. Collected trots in my blood.

Note: Frozen horse poo is hard.
Note 2: The mama cows are huuuuuuge. I expect baby pictures soon.
Note 3: Rode the quad up the road at about 30+mph. Lily the border collie paced me. Dogs are fast.

After feeding cows (tractors are super nifty) went back to the kitchen and baked the bread. Oh wow, the final product looks rustic and fancy and restaurant ready. I can’t believe I made something that looks and tastes like that, especially given the handicap of the altitude. Mmmmmm.

Once I had sufficiently patted myself on the back, I did some more office work, and when bored with that, decided to love on my horse a bit. The pony looked a little rough so I curried the hell out of him. I love brushing horses. Especially horses that are appreciative as Kinetic. By the end of our little grooming session, I could kinda see the horse behind the Yetti. He was not happy when I stopped grooming. He proceeded to follow me all the way across the stallyard, thumping me with his nose in order to remind me that he was still there and would still like some grooming.

I might have obliged except for the fact that my room mate had pulled up WITH MY GUN!!!!!

I am now the official owner of a little gopher sniper. I slept with it in my bed last night. Not near, under, or beside. But IN. We cuddled.

Gosh, spring is here. It seems like it happened overnight. It couldn’t have been more than a few days ago that I was sliding across snow and ice, the snow banks were higher than my car, and -30* was the morning norm. Now the running river, copious geese , thawing ponds, uncovered hillsides, shedding horses, and 50+* degree days all point to spring and summer. I swear, even the radio is in on it. Lately, I’ve been hearing songs that haven’t had airtime since last summer. Where did the winter go? But spring and summer mean horses, trail rides, and friends. Yay! Definitely getting in my summer season mode. April doesn’t need to exist. Can’t we skip straight to May?

Online temper tantrum:

I used to keep another diary pre-Colorado. It was full of frustration and anxiety. Since being here, I’ve been mostly happy. The only time I get anxious again is when I think about going back to California. I really hoping that it’s not California that made me unhappy, but other outlying factors that I’m blaming California for.

Hush me. I need to stop thinking like that. It’ll be nice to go home for a visit. There are people, places, and pets that I want to see. That want me to see them.

I can be happy there. I will be happy there. But could I ever be as happy as I am here?



Wow I’m whiny. I need to stop placing so much important on place. I can be happy anywhere. As long as there’s a chicken and a horse, I’ll be ok.

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  1. March 18, 2009 7:38 pm

    Why are you going back? What’s the draw? Just how important is it?


  2. goamwat permalink*
    March 18, 2009 8:26 pm

    Very good questions that I often ask myself.

    A few reasons: two growing seasons, closer to my family, more job opportunities in my field, in state tuition if I decide to go to grad school.

    Sometimes though I think I’m going against all of my philosophies by yielding to the pressures that want me back in California. Sometimes I think I’m just trying to make excuses for myself that make it seem like I’m not giving in.

    But then other times California SEEMS like a great idea, for practical reasons.
    But then again, Colorado FEELS like a great idea, for personal reasons.
    Gah, it goes back in forth.

    I’ll give California two more years of my life while in grad school to see if I can learn to love it.

    If not, I’m running back home to Colorado.
    I’m liking Ponderosa Springs.

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