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The Emailing Blues

March 15, 2009

Correspondence work is nerve wracking. I spent a few hours in the office today, sending literature to people that had inquired about vacationing at the ranch. Now lots of these are mass emails sent to every dude ranch EVERYWHERE. But others are direct emails from really good guest candidates. The emails I send out to the good potential guests are the ones I bite my fingernails about. When’s the best time to send this email? It’s Saturday night. What if the family is at the movies? And they don’t check their email on Sunday? And by Monday my email is lost in a sea of other emails and they never even open it because some other ranch sent an email just at the right time and it happened to be at the top of their inbox and they chose that ranch arbitrarily just because it was the first one they looked at? Each email I send out is potentially worth two thousand to twenty thousand dollars! I know I’m probably overanalyzing, but when twenty thousand dollars is on the line, you want to make sure everything, including the timing, is perfect.

And I’m not entirely crazy. There are studies out there that show that your resume will be more readily and happily received on certain days. Something like most successful job applicants apply on Tuesday since Mondays and Fridays are busy days, most meetings are scheduled on Wednesdays, and Tuesdays allow ample time to get back to you before the weekend.

I’m freaking out a little. The last email I sent was a twenty thousand dollar one. And the family was perfect for the ranch. I put myself out there, broke the email template, and wrote a long personal note to them. I put my self into that email. If they don’t respond, it’s not just the ranch they are denying…’s like their ignoring ME. I have limited reserves of self esteem already.

In good new though, a family of six tentatively booked!

Crossing my fingers.

Seriously though, what if they don’t check their email on Sunday?

This is how I feel: hopeless in a cowboy hat.


Hey, maybe YOU should come to the ranch. You’d get to see my staffshow getup ^ . Tempting, no?

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