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Tequila Makes Me Cry and Dandelion Wine

March 15, 2009

Yesterday was what days should be…
(well…aside from the not so fun retail job)
…skeet shooting, good company, music, and home made food.

Two friends from the summer dropped by for a surprise visit. I came back from work to find them skeet shooting halfway up the driveway. Excellent.

Shooting evolved into a desperate potluck of sorts. We mostly scrounged in the kitchen for random ingredients, but the result was pretty fantastic.

Homemade tomato soup with toast, homemade apple pie, and to top it off….homemade DANDELION WINE. In all fairness, the dandelion wine wasn’t impromptu. It’d had been made over the summer, but it’s impromptu discovery in my room mate’s closet rounded out the meal nicely.

After we’d been happily fed with homemade goodness, my friend and I were coerced into showing off the product of our one and only jam session: Tequila Makes Me Cry in the Morning.

Life has been hell,
and hell it’s been tough.
The nights are damn cold,
and the women are rough.
All those times I ought’a died.
Even then I never cried.
But I tell ya,
tequila makes me cry in the morning.

I brought out the strum stick for the occasion.

One day I’ll get a full recording up here.
Also soon to come : Moonshine River

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