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Wish Me Luck

March 13, 2009

I’m debating the wisdom of posting this on the internet, but the owners of the ranch are leaving for vacation and in their absence, it’s just me and my room mate in charge. Instead of the six adults that usually manage things, there will be just two of us to take care of office work, advertising, reservations, baby cows, soon to be mama cows, a herd of 50 horses, our free ranging cattle, ducks, bunnies, doggies, and a chicken. Eek *gag*. I’m nervous. The mamma cows could calve, a horse could get hurt, one of the doggies might get in a coyote fight, I might screw up the reservations or forget to get the mail or feed the ducks. But if everything goes as it should, I will feel so much more confident in my abilities to actually manage something more than my bedroom, kitchen, and hamster. After a full sized ranch, my future homestead of goats, chickens, and rabbits should be a piece of cake.

*deep breath* I know what to do. I have a pleasing phone voice. I can doctor horses and cows. I have the vet’s number. I’m calm in emergencies (which WON’T happen…*knock on wood*). I’ll remember to get the mail and mail the brochures. I won’t crash the computer. I’ll get people to commit to coming this summer. I won’t burn down the barn. I’ll remember to feed the birds. I won’t lose any of the dogs. I can do this.

But still…

Wish me luck.

Note to any of you that have figured out where I live and might want to take advantage of the fact the owners are away……my room mate has a fully stocked armory, and is a great shot, and I have no problem sic-ing some border collies, a big horse, and a ninja chicken on you. You’ve been warned.

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