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I live here because…

March 11, 2009

There are three stoplights between six towns and a trafficky day is when you see more than ten cars over the course of thirty miles.

There are about as many rodeos as there are liquor stores.

From my front door I can walk to the Colorado River, the foothills of the Rockies, 2000 acres of BLM land, countless hiking trails, prime gopher hunting, horses, cows, ducks, and various small chickeny and bunnyish animals.

Rent is only $175 in the winter and free in the summer

I get to ride horses for a living.

My parents told me horses would never get me a job and I wanted to prove them wrong.

The men here are real men: spur wearing, chew spitting, buckle winning, ranching, farming, knife owning men.

The women here are real women: spur wearing, chew spitting, buckle winning, ranching, farming, knife owning women.

Everyone knows my name. I walk into the bar and there’s a bottle of Bud and a shot of Jack before I even sit down.

People here think that these little cow ponies are horse sized and I find it adorable.

There’s a community appreciation for outdoor living, hard work, family values, and quality lives.

The sky and weather here prove that nature owns us. We haven’t completely dominated the world.

The good, good people.

The views are absolutely fantastic: Grand County represents mother nature in her furious, beautiful, awe inspiring prime. Fire colored willows, mist on the river, snow so bright it hurts, alpenglow, sunset on the snowcapped mountains, elk in the fields, sky so big you’re lost in it, alpine meadows, snowcrisp air, jagged draws, wildflower fields,….the list goes on….

You fit in more wearing plaid and workboots than you do wearing miniskirts and hoop earrings.

The quiet and solitude allow me to think.

It inspires me to paint, make music, live happy, and follow my dreams.
I can spend my days fixing fences, herding wayward cows, riding horses, fishing, and gopher hunting.

The smell of sage brush, pine, hay and leather in the warm sun.

People here understand the importance of a quality deck.

Oh gosh….this thing could go on forever.

Thanks Steph!

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  1. March 13, 2009 10:33 pm

    makes me want to live there, too! Or maybe just visit. Yes, I am a city girl but I love my cowgirl!

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