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11:17 am rambling

March 8, 2009

I bought goat milk the other day. It’s not cow milk, but it’s tasy. It has an aftertaste like chevre. Not too bad though. When I have goats, I think I’d be be able to have goat milk exclusively.

My horse always ALWAYS has hay stuck in his mane. It makes me happy.

Cinnamon is a fantastic spice in spagetti.

I now know where the deer and elk hang out. It makes my drive to and from work a lot more enjoyable. Not that it wasn’t enjoyable before, but now I have the added element of living, breathing, four footed, antlered enjoyment.

I want to start a little container garden at the ranch this summer. I’m thinking snap peas, basil, tomatoes, and a hanging strawberry garden.

I’m going to Boulder on Tuesday and Wednesday to see a friend in town, visit Boulder for the first time, and see Amy Irvine speak at CSU-Boulder.

Tonight I think I’ll make dill salmon with rice pilaf and some zuchinni bread for dessert.

I saw ducks in the Colorado river. Spring is here!

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