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Past Few Days

March 4, 2009

Grrrr. I had a whole bunch of back entries that were never published on a word document. Something froze, computer crashed, and document was lost. AutoRecovery failed me.

Anyways, last few days have been wonderful. Sunday night I went to another shindig at the cabin down the road. It was my friend K’s birthday. K is another college grad who freaked out and ran away to Granby, possibly the least corporate place in the world. The gifts that she got were a perfect reminder as to why we ended up here. Most 23 year olds get slinky t-shirts, martini mix kits, dvds, spa days, etc.

K got fencing/roping gloves, a binocular/saddlebag kit, and a bottle of Black Velvet wrapped in a Carhatt. And THAT’s why we came, and more importantly stayed. Because the type of people we want to be around think that gloves, binoculars, and whiskey are perfectly acceptable gifts for a 23 year old girl. I’m hoping that whoever I marry gives me a horse and a quad instead of a wedding ring. Much more practical and much more me.

Side note to all the to-be wranglers or dude ranchers that aren’t reading this: Binoculars are the money makers. Actually, wildlife is the moneymaker and binoculars help spot the wildlife. Guests mistake wildlife for wrangling skill. I could be the most unenthusiastic, lackluster wrangler, but there are deer on my ride, I will return triumphant to the barn amidst a chorus of “Great ride Lauren!” and “Wow, that was an awesome ride.”

Other side note: I love that the extent of brands out here are Carhartt, Levi, Wrangler, and those you find on cattle bums.

The party was great. Again, southerners, cowboys, wayward drifters, snow plow drivers, barrel racers, whiskey, lasagna, country music, and funfetti cake all collided to make for a wonderful experience full of laughter and jokes at the expense of our beloved southern boys.

Monday was an early morning due the amount we had to clean up from the night before. I also wanted to say bye to K’ cat Bella, who was leaving to go back home early that morning . Since I was already up, I decided to make the most of my early start and go skiing. I have a free ski pass due to working at the ski resort, but haven’t really put it to good use. Now that the snow is disappearing, I better make use of it before I don’t have the choice anymore.

It was awesome! It was a very comfy 40*…so hot that I unbuttoned my jacket and didn’t even need gloves. Gorgeous, gorgeous day. Wasn’t crowded at all, no lift lines, warm weather, and basically the entire mountain to myself. I did runs where I only saw one or two other people. And the views! Oh gosh the views! From the top of a mountain you can take in the full glory of little Granby, tucked in a little hollow between towering mountains on all sides. And I wasn’t awful at skiing. Granted I only stuck to green runs and five year olds sped by me, but I only fell once and got rid of my habit of pizza stops.

I forget how much I love being outside. I need to live a life that mandates being outside. I need the outside world to be more than a leisure experience or life style. I want it to be life.

Also rode the horsey beast around and worked on neck reining. We have turning to the left down.

Good few days. Good Life.

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