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Mountain Air

March 1, 2009

I have some of the greatest views from my office. Petty retail work though it may be, I can look out the front door and see snow covered foothills. Even taking out the trash is an invigorating experience. It’s an excuse to get blasted with cold snowy air .

So I’m looking out the front doors today hoping that I always appreciated the clarity of this high, thin mountain air.

I’ve been here nearly a year and I can still wax poetic about the sky and air quality. Clear, clean, cold, fresh air will never lose its novelty for me. On cloudless days you can see forever, and the background of mountains stands against the sky in the crispest, sharpest relief possible. I’m so used to hazy, yellow California where everything is cast in a muted peach and yellow haze. The clean blueness here is incredible and I hope I remember it when I can’t see the mountains back home.

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