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February 28, 2009

So one of my goals for this summer was to ride in a rodeo. I didn’t care how I managed it…be it as a barrel racer, team roper, breakaway roper, or the girl who lopes around carrying a flag or ad banner. I would have been a rodeo clown as long as meant that I GOT TO BE IN A RODEO.

So I expressed this dream of mine at a friend’s little shindig the other night. Which, by the way, was how all shindigs should be….Southern boys and Yankee girls with country music playing and an open liquor cabinet in a cozy wood cabin where the heat stays in and the cold stays out. Anyways, a mutual friend there mentioned that I could USE HER BARREL HORSE TO RIDE IN THE SUMMER RODEOS!!!!!!!!!!

Me. Rodeo. Horse. In a. Riding barrels. On a horse. In a rodeo. Me. Ride. Horse. Cooper. Rodeo. Barrels. Running round them. Horse, me, on. RODEO!!!!!

Training starts next week!

This California english rider is going to ride in a Colorado rodeo. I’m already dreaming of belt buckles.


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