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February 24, 2009

This is what I fantasize about when I think of my future little homestead. I realize it’s 85% fantasy, but hey, I never actually thought I’d have a life deserving of my blog title either. Maybe writing it down will be self actualizing.

I see a little country cottage or cabin. Not a sprawling ranch house but something cute, contained, and maintained. The inside décor is a mixture of ranching and farming memorabilia. I have sketchings of cowboy boots and pastels of chickens hanging on the walls. All of my furniture will be adopted from craigslsit and of the ugly brown and yellow plaid from the 70’s persuasion. Except for one awesome leather rocker that I find for a steal. Exposed rafters would be ideal. Perfect for drying lavender and roses. Antiques, old books, and throws are everywhere. There’s lots of floral print and gingham. The kitchen would be filled with sun, tea mixes, cast iron cookware, drying herbs, fresh produce, cooking magazines, and the smell of coffee and fresh bread. My larder would always be filled with homemade cheese, fresh milk, self baked bread, fruits and veggies, and all sorts of jams and canned goods.

I want my home to smell of cedar, cinnamon, vanilla pipe smoke, leather, and books.

There’s a deck, of course. With an old rocker and my potted herbs. I’m thinking mint, basil, verbena, and perhaps a shrubby potted blackberry bush. The rocker has an old quilt on it for those misty mornings when I want to happily survey my little homestead with a cup of coffee in hand before my day begins. When sunny, I’ll read on the rocker until I fall asleep into a sun induced drowsy nap. Preferably, a dog and some cats will doze with me on such occasions.

From my deck I’ll be able to see my large front yard flanked with mature oak trees and down the winding dirt road that leads to my house. Ideally I’ll be able to hear a little brook. Every once in a while an intrepid chicken will wander around from the backyard to the front yard and keep my company on the porch. Sometimes a small deer family will cross the road a hundred yards out. I’ll have a kitschy welcome sign in lieu of a mailbox (I’ll have to have a P.O box).

The backyard will open up to 1, 5, 20, 140 acres of my own land. Only a small portion of it will be used for personal uses. The rest will be left to nature. I hope to have enough land that I can hike, hunt, and fish on my own property. Immediately behind, or perhaps to the side of the house will be my garden, chicken coop, and rabbit hutch. I’d have an easily maintained 4’x6’ garden bed with tomatoes, cucumber, cantaloupe, peppers, watermelon, corn (?), lettuce, potatoes, squash, and carrots (not all at the same time obviously). If I could swing a peach and orange tree, that would be fantastic. I’d also have a bramble of blackberry bushes and perhaps ollalieberries. I only want a few chickens, and maybe a duck or two to decorate the duck pond that of course I’ll have. I’m thinking I’ll start with two laying hens and then three or four day olds for the novelty of having babies.

Further back from the house will be the goat and horse pens. I want two Nigerian dwarf does to keep me in milk and cheese. Then two horses. That will have their own two acre pasture. One horse will be my steady trail horse. He won’t be too fancy, but he’ll be an easy keeper, a great buddy, and travel all over with me. He’s the horse that I’d ride to the local general store and tie to the community hitching post outside. My other horse will be my project horse. Mustang? Ex-racehorse? This one will be the looker. The one that’s a little more difficult to deal with, but so rewarding in the end when I train him myself and he’s perfect. I told you….this is a daydream.


I haven’t yet decided if I want to live in a grassy meadow dotted with oak copses, in a clearing in the middle of an oak and elm forest, a piney high desert mountain foothill, or a dramatic sweeping high desert vista.

My mornings will be spent feeding animals, drinking freshly ground coffee, and proudly surveying my fertile domains from the aforementioned deck. My day will be spent at an emotionally fulfilling job where people will appreciate the fresh eggs I bring in. In the evening I’ll spend the dusk hours letting the chickens roam, perhaps take the horses out for a ride, milk the goats, and when night falls, read, watch dvds, and draw. And bake. Of course. My kitchen will never be without a pie. It’s a personal goal of mine.

I want to accomplish more by 10 am then most people do in their whole day.

Weekends will be spent cavorting and frolicking amongst the animals, picking produce, riding horses, hiking, sea kayaking, going to farmer’s markets, gossiping at the Farm Supply Company, and seeing friends. Who will of course be the recipients of fresh eggs, muffins, and tomatoes.

Each night I will fall into my goose down duvet bed dead tired and full of happy thoughts.

I want my world filled with dirt roads, shady trees, grass, the smell of earth, happy animals, dirty fingernails, trail rides, plaid, country music, cowboy hats, wranglers, open spaces, no Starbucks, fresh coffee, apple pie, Wranglers, rodeos, blue windowsills, homemade dinners, kitchen herbs, jeans with horse boogie streaked sweatshirts, cowboy boots, baseball caps, pianos, health and happiness, mint tea, jogging down my dirt road, beatup pickup trucks with rustic charm, milk pails, and homemade happiness.

Basically, I want country homesteading nirvana.

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  1. Neighbor Nancy permalink
    February 25, 2009 2:28 pm

    That was lovely. What a nice way to stat the day.
    We have a tiny house, chickens, angora rabbits, a grain mill, a fruit and sausage press. A very large garden. This spring will bring ducks and a 30 tree semi-dwarf orchard. By the way, when you are ready for affordable fruit sources let me know.
    I will share my two favorites. Inexpensive … like $15 a tree, healthy stock.
    I ache for two little Nigerian Dwarfs. I still have to built their little home and buy all the milking stuff.
    Your post makes me want to get off my butt and work on it today, thanks.

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