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February 21, 2009

-10* is cold.
And I love it. Well, maybe not days on end of negative temperatures, but the sub freezing weather is fine with me.
I love the cold. It’s soothing and invigorating all at once. It wakes me up and smells like snow and pine.
I can have an awful day at work, slide into a snowbank, almost hit a deer, forget to thaw the chicken, and slip on ice and all that melts away when I step outside and feel that crazy clean air that has rushed over tundra snow on the Continental Divide….well, I know that even my worst days are better than some people’s best days.

And that’s just the cold in and of itself. There’s also the things that go along with the cold….the fireplace, the warm living rooms, the baking, the reading under flannel quilts, the hot chocolate, the snow falling outside, the way everything glitters when coated in ice…..

Mmmmmm. Cold.

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