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Farm/Gardening Supplies

February 17, 2009

So come September I have to give serious thought to my next homestead. For various reasons, a move is inevitable. Sad, but most likely necessary.

I’m sure there will be many future posts about my reluctance and fear of leaving this place that I love so much.

But that’s for later posts.

In the meantime, I’m perusing craigslist just to see whats out there.

And I realized I have a developed a litmus test for determing the worthiness of a future homestead site: the length of the farm/gardning supplies section.

The longer the list, the better the place…..obviously.

Bonus points if the list includes dairy goats and chickens for sale in the day’s postings.

Subtract points if the percentage of flowerpots and bulbs exceeds the number of tractors for sale.

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