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Small town faces

February 15, 2009

Living in in a small Western mountain town is great. I love living in a place where there are as many ranchers as there are working professionals. The charm of walking into a bar and knowing everyone in there hasn’t worn off. The bartender knows my usual. It’s a place where people are called by their name as well as their profession. “Oh you know, Pam the Cop.” or “Maggie the Waitress”. And everyone knows who Clint, Jack, and Beth are.

It’s a place where people buy their friends dinner for helping them set up a chicken tractor.

A place where someone will walk into a bar, see tjhe four patrons, and without any trace of irony or joke will say, “Oh great! Everyone’s here!” And they mean it.

Friday night fun is going to the girl’s high school basketball game even when you didn’t go to that high school and have no particular interest in basketball, let alone high school basketball.

You contemplate chasing a chicken or camping down by the crick….not creek……for fun.

The town is often described as “One stoplight, two liqour stores, and three rodeos.” In my opinion, that is the magical ratio.

I’m so lucky to live here in little Granby, Colorado.

Where I have a friend named Murph.
Who has a border collie named Gator.
And owns a cattle company.
And is a professional cowboy.
It says so on his taxes.

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