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I’m Spoiled

February 12, 2009

I get to wake up wrapped in quilts.
In my front yard there are barns, ponds, horses, ducks, bunnies, a cow and a chicken.
In my backyard is 2,000 acres of pristine snowy wilderness.
I had a leisurely morning of perusing craigslist for potential new homes and jobs. Then walked around the ranch a little and took some pictures with my awesome disposable camera. Then played with my horsey beast and soaked a horse that has a possible abscess.
The day was the type of day you couldn’t waste indoors. The sky was bluer than I thought possible, the snow had glitter in it, and the winter sun was finally showing the cold who was boss.
Now I’m a snowshoeing virgin and decided that this would be the day to actually do it. So I called up a friend and we traipsed out my backyard into the snowy beyond. It was fantastic. I have highly underestimated snowshoes. We followed the trail for a while but then decided to test the true integrity of the snowshoe and walk up a mountainside.

And it worked. Whereas with shoes we would have sunk to our waists, with snowshoes we sunk a few inches at most. We were able to ascend the mountain (well…hill) with relative ease.
It was wonderful. Sitting on a mountainside. The closest person a mile away. Hearing the raven calls echo through the valley. Taking in that big, quiet, sparkly view. We wrote HI in big snow letters and fell and laughed and shut up to listen to that huge quiet. It’s wonderful So wonderful. To be in the company of a good friend on a warm day in the Rocky Mountains.

Tangent: You find yourself sitting in a lot of weird places when you work on a dude ranch. Near port-a-potties, on propane tanks, on chicken coops, grain bins, stalls, dead logs, stacked saddles, cement blocks. I guess when you’re dog tired after working a 12 hour day, if you can sit on it, it’s worth sitting on.

In other dude ranch news, hiring is going on right now and I’ve never felt more like an old hat veteran. Not only am I a returning staff member, but I weathered a Colorado winter. I’m basically a god as far as all new staff are concerned :).

Still to come today: knitting, pie baking, and Sober House watching.

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